50% Fewer Cases Of Typhoid And Influenza Were Reported In The Monsoon

New Delhi. Amidst the dark clouds of the Covid-19 epidemic, there is a silver lining that this year the national capital has seen a drastic reduction in typhoid and influenza cases.

Doctors have said that at least 50 percent fewer cases of both these seasonal diseases have been reported in hospitals this year.

Akash Healthcare Super-Specialty Hospital in Dwarka said that only 50 patients of typhoid and influenza have visited them in the last two months. Normally during the monsoon season this count goes from 100 to 150.

“We are not getting typhoid cases which usually come in this season,” said Vikramjit Singh, senior consultant for internal medicine at the hospital.

Shalimar Bagh’s Max Super Specialty Hospital also saw a drop of about 50 percent in typhoid-related cases. “Recently, cases of flu (influenza) have increased, it happens in this season, so there is no change in it,” said Parul Kakkar, Consultant, Internal Medicine.

BLK Hospital at Rajendra Place has also seen a significant decrease in cases of typhoid and influenza.

Rajinder Kumar Singhal, head and senior director of BLK’s internal medicine department, said, “Typhoid cases usually increase every year during the monsoon season and then decrease by the end of the monsoon. However this year not so happened.”

Doctors have attributed two things behind the decline in typhoid and influenza cases.First, cleanliness has increased due to the Kovid-19 epidemic and people are eating homemade food.

Kakkar said, “Our lifestyle, food and social manners have changed during the epidemic. It is good that some changes have been beneficial, this has led to a decrease in the number of typhoid and hepatitis cases this year.”

The second reason behind the decline in typhoid and influenza cases is that people are avoiding coming to the hospital due to fear of Kovid-19. Also, symptoms of both these diseases are included in the symptoms of Covid-19.

Pankaj Solanki, director of Dharamvir Solanki Multi-Specialty Hospital in Rohini, says, “People are worried that they may have to go into isolation or be hospitalized if Covid-19 is confirmed.” The reason they are not even telling about typhoid and influenza. ”

The symptoms of Kovid-19 are particularly similar to those of typhoid and influenza. In typhoid, people usually have a fever of 103–104 degrees (fever does not go away). Also, some people get rash or pink colored spots. Cough and sore throat are also its symptoms.

Influenza, like SARS-COV-2, affects the nose, throat, and lungs. in This, the patient suffers from fever, cold, Flegm, Sore throat, Muscle Pain And Shortness Of Breath

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