Air Force Fully Prepared To Face Any Threat – Bhadoria

New Delhi . Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal R. K. Bhadauria said on Monday that China can never be better than us in any conflict scenario.

In the context of the ongoing standoff with China in East Ladakh, Bhadauria said that the Air Force is fully prepared to face any threat.

He said during the annual press conference in Delhi, “We have firmly deployed in East Ladakh. Under no circumstances can the Chinese be better than us.”

The Air Force chief also said that in the last five months there has never been a moment when the Air Force has come close to an air strike against China. He said that the Air Force is fully prepared.

Bhadoria also said that there is no threat of any threat from China and Pakistan.

In response to the US deployment in the South China Sea, Bhadoria said, “We have to fight our own battles. Nobody else will fight for us.”

There has been a deadlock in East Ladakh between India and China for five months. The two sides have held several rounds of diplomatic and military talks to resolve the dispute. However, no breakthrough has been achieved in resolving the deadlock so far.

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