Hotel Business In Bihar Assembly Election Gulzar

Patna . Bihar’s hotel business, which is going through a recession in the Corona period, seems to be buzzing during the assembly elections.

Hotel rooms are full and frequent bookings are also taking place. Most of those who book hotel rooms are leaders of some party. Party leaders of many other states have booked hotel rooms for a month.

Hotel business in Bihar was completely sluggish during the Corona period. There was a lock in hotels ranging from cheap to expensive.

Even during the unlock, the hotel opened but there was an outcry of customers. However, after the announcement of the election, the hotel business is seeing a boom. Cheap hotel rooms are being booked.
During this time, Corona’s protocol is being followed completely.

Girish Sinha, the manager of Hotel Maurya, admits that the hotel business has suffered losses in the Corona era. There is a boom in the closed hotel business after the announcement of assembly elections, but the old situation has not returned yet.

He said that people from political parties are getting the rooms booked. He said that press conferences are also being organized in the hall of the hotel. Protocol is also being followed in this era of Corona.

This election has proved to be a boon for hotel business not only in Patna but also in many other cities. Tourist places like Bodhgaya also witnessed a slowdown in the hotel business during the Corona era, but now it has improved.

Krishnakant Sharma, manager of Hotel City Surya in Gaya, says it is election time. Many leaders are also holding press conferences in the hotel itself.

Leaders coming from outside Patna are staying in the hotel. However, he also said that in this election, the hotel business has not recovered from the recession.

In Patna, a businessman associated with the hotel business says that in addition to the leaders in the hotels, room has also been booked for the officials conducting the elections.

Many hoteliers say that their supporters with ticket contenders coming from outside are coming in less number in this election, due to which the leaders coming from outside are not providing more rooms.

However, the election has brought a smile to the faces of the hoteliers who have been languishing in Bihar.

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