In The Village Where Seven Innocent People Died Due To Blistering Fever

At Humor Crowd, Here we are sharing the “In The Village Where Seven Innocent People Died Due To Blistering Fever, There Are No Hospitals Yet, 39 People Are Facing Government Prosecution For Raising Slogans Ground Report From Vaishali In Bihar”.

  • Rajesh Sahni says, “39 people of this hamlet are also facing a government lawsuit, on every date it costs five thousand rupees.
  • 70-year-old Sudho does not even remember when and how much he got his pension for the first time. She says, ‘It has been a long time, I do not know how much it has been, I do not know, why do you stop

Last year, two of my children died of chill fever. Received compensation money. Apart from this nothing changed in the village.

Been up over a year. Then the MLAs came, MP came. Said that a hospital will be built next to the village, a road will be built. We will make the village so that no child will die due to lack of treatment.

But nothing has changed. Empty soil is filled in the name of the road. The hospital does not even know. Water and electricity are also air and air.

The 40-year-old daughter is suffering from this pain. His house is in Mallah Tola in Harivanshpur village, about 50 km from Patna.

In June last year, his two sons Prince (seven years) and Chhotu (two and a half years) died of chill fever. Chatri roamed Patna and Muzaffarpur all night with his sick elder child but could not save him.

When the son returned home with his son’s body in the morning, the younger son also suddenly fell ill. He also died on sight. The corpses of two children were raised simultaneously from the door.

Last year, 7 children died due to fever from this single hamlet. Around 175 children died in the whole of Bihar.

The picture is of 70-year-old Sudho, who has not received an old pension for many years.
Sailor Tola came into the limelight with the deaths of children one after another. Officers camped for several days. Local MLA Rajkumar Sah and MP Pashupati Kumar Paras also came.

Many promises were made during this period. It was said that a government hospital would be built next to the hamlet. Water will be provided to every household through the tap-water scheme.

Every elderly woman in the hamlet will be given an old age pension. Widows who do not get pension will also be given soon. But nothing like this happened.

70-year-old Sudho does not even remember when and how much he got his pension for the first time. She says, ‘Dei chai for a long time. I don’t know how much it was.

Don’t know, kahe bandh ke delkai (Can’t find for a long time. Can’t remember how much I got. I don’t even know why it was closed). Sudho is not the only one to say so.

Many women of Tole have complained that they are not getting the benefit of widow and Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme. For these women, government means local head and the largest government office means BDO’s office.

There are taps outside every house in the village, but there is no water in them. Has been closed since it started.
It has been over a year since these promises were made. The election has come but nothing is on the ground of reality. What is there is half-finished. There is no paved road to the hamlet.

When there was flood this year, the entire hamlet became an island. Rajesh Sahni, who lost his seven-year-old daughter Rupa last year, says everything is in front of you. You must have come in the hamlet and entered the mud.

Soling was to take place under the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana. not done. Put soil and leave it. This time it rained, that soil also washed away.

There is a water bottle outside every house but it is only for show. Ever since it started, there was no water in it. Leave all that, our children died due to lack of treatment. If there was a good government hospital nearby, it would have been a relief.

It is not just that what was said is not complete. 39 people of this hamlet are also facing a government lawsuit which was filed by the local block development officer last year. Rajesh Sahni speaks, what to say? The MLA came. Slogans raised slogans surrounded them.

BDO Saheb filed a case against the men. The MLA said that he will get the case finished but that too did not happen. At least five thousand rupees are spent on every date. If at least this case would have ended, we would have been a big help to the poor.

There is no paved road in the village. The brick was to be sold last year but it has not been done yet.
The question arises that these difficulties or incomplete promises will be an issue for them in this assembly election. Will the voters of this hamlet remember the deceit they had with them till the day of voting. Shambhu Sahani, 40, says that it is just a matter of everyday.

Some Netaji came. Met on the road outside. Said that they are standing in the elections. If won, we will replace the hamlet.

I said that for 40 years, we have been seeing the habitation as it is. Nothing has changed. If you win then you will also insist. Nothing happens by remembering us or forgetting.

Nobody looks at this side after winning the election. This has been happening till date, it will probably happen in the future also.

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