Top 10 Cutest Nigerian Celebrities And About Their Family Life Style

Nigeria is very good looking strong point, that are usually associated with their family relationships, there are still a lot of them. We have brought for you for ourselves We look great and great snaps of these lovely famous person with your fabulous families:

10. Mercy Johnson’s Family

Mercy Johnson’s Family, Mercy Johnson is a top Bollywood actress. She hails from Okane in Kogi State and is married to Prince Odiensen Okojie, an Ado-based business industrialist, and her marriage is build up.

9. Kanu Nwankwo’s Family

Kanu Nwankwo’s Family, He is a admired Nigerian footballer, who is now retired. He bombard from Imo State and is married to Amarachuku Kanu. They share four children.

8. P Square – Family Of Peter And Paul Okoye

P Square – Family Of Peter And Paul Okoye, Nigerian artist popularly known as P Square have twins such as A, but are separated from their consummation on most moment because Paul wears a dreadlock. Twins with children are happily married. Peter is married to Lola

Although moderately older than them, they both got married and are happily married. They share two children

On the other hand, Paul is wed to Anita Isma. They began dating in 2004.

7. Family Of Omotola Jalde Accande

Family Of Omotola Jalde Accande, Famous Bollywood actress Omotola is wretched with four children from her marriage to Air Pilot Captain Matthew Ekinde.

6. Family Of 2Face Idibia

Family Of 2Face Idibia, Famous award-winning Nigerian artist 2face is examine popular for the first album of the Ko-African Queen. He was born in Jos into an detested family, His full name is Innocent Uja Idibia.

He is wed to Nollywood leading lady Annie Idibia who comes from Akwa Ibom State. He has seven children from different women but shares two with his wife Annie.

5. Julius Agavu’s Family

Julius Agavu’s Family, Julius Aguw is one of the most victorious artist in Nigeria today. He hails from Choba in Obio / Akopar Local Government Area of ​​Reverse State. He is married to Iber Aguve and they share two children.

4. Family Of Vincent Enema

Family Of Vincent Enema, Former Nigerian professional footballer Joffren plays for club Lily OSC happily married. Vincent played as a goalkeeper in the Nigerian national team and obey as captain until his retirement from 2015 to 2015. He is married to Promise Vincent Enema and it has been more than 11 years since their wedding.

3. Mercy Agbe Gentry’s Family

Mercy Agbe Gentry’s Family, The award-winning, Benin-born actress start her career in soap operas and Yoruba films before making her Bollywood debut in 2006. She married Nigerian hotelier Lanre Gentry and was bloomed with two children.

However, the two separated in 2017 after Daya announced that her husband was molest her physically and intellectually. Her family does not look any less beautiful.

2. Bowie’s Family

Bowie’s Family, His full name is Bowie Uzboma but he is often called Hanbowi. Bowie Ubgoma is a talented chairman and artist, although he participates in other sector.

Bowie is wed to Chris Asimoni Ubgoma. The pair got married in 2007. They are go hand in hand with by two children Elena Ubgoma and David Ugboma.

1. Basket Family

Basket Family, A popular Nigerian artist whose real name is Bright Okopocha. Although he was born and bred in Lagos State.

He wed Elsie in 2010 and at present has four children.

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